How To Build An Email List- The Complete Guide

To the best of my knowledge the two most sold products in the “Make Money Industry” are on “traffic generation” and “list building”. This is because you cannot make a sustainable amount of money online until you learn how to drive massive traffic to your website and the best way to make even MORE money is to build a list that you can market to again and again. This is going to be my longest blog post so far (1,700 words) as i am going … Continue reading


The Complete Plugin Guide: 17 Plugins That Makes Your Blog Better

I didn’t have a better title in mind,so we will stick with what we have above. In this blog post i am going to be listing 17 most-important plugins that you will make your blog better and more efficient. While most of them are FREE , i don’t expect you to use all install 17 plugins!.That would be bizarre!! With that said, lets jump right into my list of top 17 plugins that every blogger needs. 1. Plugin Central :For some of you this is the first time you would be … Continue reading


The Newbie Guide To Effective Keyword Research

This is a Newbie Guide to Keyword Research. In other words i am not going to share any advance stuff here because in reality they are not needed. What i am going to discuss in this blog post, if you couple it with action on your next website or structure your blog posts with the keyword research tips you are going to learn right now, you should notice that your blog posts over the next few weeks would rank higher in the search engines than they … Continue reading

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Can I Build A High Traffic Blog In 9 Months?

Depending on when you are reading this blog post, i am writing it on the 10th of April 2013. Which means i have about 9 months till the end of the year. To most of you, this is the first blog post in the Niche Avenger blog but actually it isn’t. This is the 17th blog post. So what happened to the other 16? You might be asking. Well i would answer that question but before i do here is a screen shot of 10 … Continue reading